Members of the Foster Care Clothing Closet Team
Members of the Foster Care Clothing Closet (FCCC) team pictured with one of the art kits from Chelsea's Charity. Pictured (L to R): Mike Smith (board member and founder of Custom Donations), Joy McKnight (co-founder of FCCC), Jennifer Gray (co-founder of FCCC), Joel Shearon (board member), Julie Jebailey (board member), Kristen DeKoster (operations manager), and Nicole Griggs (board chair).
In a truly outstanding effort, the Foster Care Clothing Closet and Chelsea's Charity came together in July to support children in foster care, leading to dozens of art kits being donated.

When board member Mike Smith contacted Chelsea's Charity to discuss their online giving needs, he learned that the organization began in August 2019 as a project to collect donations to assemble and provide homemade art kits to children without art supplies.

These art kits are filled with various supplies by 10-year-old Chelsea and donated to children who have experienced traumatic events to support their social-emotional development.

Smith shared his appreciation for their work and mentioned the common mission that the  Foster Care Clothing Closet has in working with children in foster care.

Foster Care Clothing Closet was started in 2015 and collects donated clothing and supplies to fill duffle bags for families in the foster care community, to ensure each child that is placed with a family in the 9 counties they serve has some personal belongings and does not have to carry around their items in a trash bag. 

During Smith's conversation with them, Chelsea's Charity offered to provide special art supply kits for all families supported by Foster Care Clothing Closet in Florence, South Carolina.

Now, each child who receives a duffle bag with essential items from Foster Care Clothing Closet will also receive a special art kit with a personal touch—a letter from Chelsea, who believes providing kids with art supplies and lessons can offer a creative outlet that can positively impact their social-emotional and mental health.

"I am amazed by the heart and passion I see from these organizations," said Smith. "They have strong missions to go above and beyond to help these children and families who so greatly need our support." 

Children in foster care across the United States are dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 in a variety of ways. Donations made to the Foster Care Clothing Closet will be especially useful in helping pay for: 

• Critically needed clothing and supplies for foster children
• Other expenses that allow us to operate